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An all genre encompassing album written by Sten Hasselquist with the help of his brother Anders and former band-mate Jaron Farassat sharing drum duties.


released October 30, 2011

All music and vocals written and played by Sten Hasselquist except where noted

Anders Hasselquist - drums
Jaron Farassat - drums
Alex Makuch - vocals and backup vocals on select tracks
Becca Lauzon - lyricist on select tracks

Album art by Becca

This album was remastered by Sten and Alex in the Rock Dungeon in Vienna, VA in October 2011.

Big thanks to everyone involved, especially Alex for not only tolerating me recording all of these songs all the time, but also helping me out in making the songs better.



all rights reserved


Stenders Charlottesville, Virginia

Stenders is a band started by Sten and Anders Hasselquist. It started out when the two brothers, at the suggestion of their mother, used one SM57 mic and a computer to record several improvised song to give to their extended family members during the holidays. That way, they wouldn't have to spend real money. However, the recordings actually didn't sound too bad, and something more serious evolved ... more

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Track Name: Escape
Keeping things pent up inside
I can't escape, can't even cry

Waiting for the break of day
The dark of night, I hide behind

Even odd it's both inside
Even there I cannot hide
But it's odd like it's a game
Nothing there is quite the same

Dream take over control my mind
But still I am trapped inside
Or false, an illusion

Above it all I watch myself
Always there, burden I bear


Someone's knocking on the door
Insistent pounding I abhor
They can see the lights are on
I withdraw in side my mind
Track Name: Colder
Close the door on the future
It's all lies and guessing games for fun
And can't you see it doesn't matter
We'll still be here with everyone

And as the children grow older
The dark world grows still colder
But the lies spread like cancer
As we search for an answer

Constant your questions come
But you don't hear from anyone
Try to change your future
But there's nothing can be done


Frightfully waiting
Carefully listening
Desperately hiding
Will they come for us today?

Closing in on our sanctuary
We'll always wonder when
We'll have to back up and say
It is time to run again

Track Name: Fire Eyes
She has fire in her eyes
Her beauty is in disguise
Behind dry and scaly talons
Behind cold and glassy eyes

Under majestic wings
Earth's expanse a mere plaything
Just below the clouds
She soars on majestic wings

Regal is her feathered face
Those feathers fine as lace


A queen secure in her reign
She'll have the sun for her crown
From high above with keen sight
She scans the ground while there is light

During the day
She rules the sky
Though even she
Must flee the night
Track Name: The Fight
Words go in out and right on by
Lost in the endless cloudy skies
Of empty eyes and empty ears
In rooms where silence feeds our fears

Silence shatters like broken glass
We're waiting, what will come to pass
We're staring, someone must speak first
The words are eager, soon I'll burst

But it's a waiting game this bout
And though you're laughing, I've no doubt
We'll see who wins out in this end
For very soon this night must end

It's always building up inside
Feelings that from myself I hide
The problems that I dance around
Solutions nowhere to be found

The storm will break when it will break
And of that the best, I will make
For whatever will come, will come
To change that, nothing can be done.
Track Name: I Have a Stroke
They called it a mistake
To give to someone so young
The power to break the bank
Well I've learned to bite my tongue
You're frivolous and flightily
And don't think before you act
I'm not the one to act lightly
And I like to know the facts.

All you talk about is money
I won't give you no more
You bought boats and a bunny,
Half a small island off shore
You take me with you shopping
Oh how those trips I abhor
You hear a puppy barking
"Can I have it?", you implore

When you're near, I have a stroke
You're voice I hear, I have a stroke,
My temples throb, I have a stroke
My vision blurs, I have a stroke

I guess you're spoiled rotten
When you come to meet with me
Dressed in your silk, never cotton
Find a new bank is my failed plea
You come to me for counsel
And never take my advice
At this point I am doubtful
How much more I can survive

Chorus x2
Track Name: Jimi Renegade
The train rolls slowly down the track
Where can I go? I can't go back
I'm destined for a life alone
In a place where I'm unknown
Was living free, living wild
As I have since I was a child
Was on the road all day and night
I was looking for a fight.

Found one too many, had my fun
Now on the road means on the run
I've been caught, but I won't give up
No I still got my luck
So I changed my name and hit the road
Headed out before the rooster crowed
Even left my stuff behind
Won't need it when I've lost my mind

Chorus x2
A renegade
I lost my chance
A criminal, blood on my hands

Make my way with stubborn cheer
Who needs to eat when high on fear?
So no I won't be giving up
If it kicks me out of luck
When they do I won't go quiet
I'll fight em hard, I'll start a riot
Because living wild is what I do
I'm a rebel tired and true.

Chorus x2
Track Name: Lost
A snowy wonderland it seems
But is there something underneath?
This lost fantasy world of dreams
The real world is nowhere to be seen

And also lost i am myself
Like a box on the highest shelf
Running the world, spinning around
Oh, let me go find solid ground

And as the wild myself surrounds

Trees stick out their bony fingers
Searching for the nonbelievers


Too quiet, silence burns my ears
Dark deeper than my deepest fears
So dark and yet the snow so white
Reflects even the smallest light

How can I know what to believe?
How can I know what to believe?

Real and fake look just the same
I'll make the wrong choice I fear
Lost forever in the trees
Of this snowy land of dreams

Winter clutches the world around
Muffles even the loudest sound

Track Name: Dragon Steed
The sky so blue overhead
Landscape barren of life
Proud warriors rape and pillage
In the name of truth

Riding we stand tall
Leather wings at our side
Fire-breathing monsters
We befriend
Heed our words, and abide

Noble deed, Fear for the weak
Across the plains we ride
Beast at our side

Blackened wings
Fire breath
Armored backs
Raining Death
Dark eyes
Clawed feet
Flaming steed
Dragon steed

Dragon steeds we fly
Never be afraid to die
Dragon steed

A village up ahead
Prepare to count your dead
Roaring wings
Flame-bombing all things

Soaring high, gazing o'er the land
Mountain tops, are mine to command
Stare in to the sun
Throw it all away
Tear the sun away
Tear the sun away

An immortal warriors heart
With a dragon at your side
And a sword in your hand
Never be conquered

Dueling in the sky
Fire in the eye
Of my dragon steed
Faithful dragon steed
Track Name: Quietly in the Night
Quiet she is calling
Who will help her through the night?
Single teardrop sounds so faintly
Did you hear it right?

Pillow stifles weary eyes that
Spring quick flowing tears
Innocent face looks much younger
Than her careworn years

Once loved fairy tales she read
Now grimly taste of lead
Magic wishes never true,
Once upon a time dead.

She begs for sleep
Strongly she weeps
Still she can't escape
Nameless demons who her
Short lived peacefulness rape.

Cold scared and left alone
Through the night she finds her way
No help from the world
Her demons, only she must slay

As time passes her tears slow and
The night sees dry eyes
She drifts to sleep, but deep inside
Her torn heart still cries
Track Name: Secrets
Silent night, holy night
Spire shadows a bleak sight
Are whispers on the wind
Real of just imagined?

Rustles the tall grass
Calls the raven back
Our lips spill like lead
They tell intricate lies
Truths hidden from our eyes
Truths no one wants to face
Heavy with a grim taste

Do these truths exist when no one believes in them?


One small spark in the fire
Spreads the smoldering blaze
A single believer clears the lie-built haze
So believe in the whispered truths on the wind
Track Name: Waves Roll In
Waves roll in
I watch them from the shore
While I think about the ancient lore
And wish it could pertain to me
How exciting my life could be
A great hero
Is known for all of time
An average Joe disappears in to the slime
Whether he's caring or just plain mean
Selfish or in high esteem.

Maybe I'll break down and show the world some lip
Wait there I see some sort of great big pirate ship
It beckons to me to swim aboard it
Time to roll the dice I don't give a shit

"Yarg, welcome aboard the Dark Emerald
I could tell ye was a scallywag from miles away
Anyway, you know how to sail? Oh no bother
Here take your sword boy, welcome aboard to the slaughter"

"Look out Captain, he's right behind you
I see the boy he's trying to save you"

Captain is dead, so we turn our head
To the new boy who saved our lives, ahoy!

Now that I've chosen this life
It's filled with strife
Not that I've hurt and maimed
Is this my fame?

Waves roll in, I sit upon the helm
As we find a ship to overwhelm
I was nobody before
Not I live a life free of bore
But my friends and folks that I once knew
Are lost to me on the ocean blue
Was this excitement worth the cost?
Was it worth losing what I've lost?
Wake up now.
Track Name: Food Lion Song [Bonus Track]
Let me tell you a story
Of a place I like to go
When I need to get some food
But got no money to blow
I get in my car
Flip the on switch
There she is
My sweet Food Lion bitch

They take food stamps
From poor people
With a coupon
Value less or equal

Doors open before
I ready my cart
In here I'm MVP
How's that for shopping smart?

Smart option cola in a 3 liter bottle
These cheap ass cookies have 80 fuckin' calories
All of this yogurt is 5 for 11
Being in Food Lion is like being in Heaven

Don't judge me
I just know hot to shop
I ain't fuckin' rich
Look, the price just dropped
Track Name: Red Ring [Bonus Track]
Today I'm going to play my xbox
Noobs are gonna die, gonna rock their socks off
Pop in halo reach and I get my search on
I'm in the firefight

But you stop and you freeze and you see it
Red ring, red ring.
Close my eyes and I see that evil
Red ring, red ring
What do I do, how to fix this horrid?
Red ring red ring

Think I'll curl outside and cry

Check on youtube for a way to fix it
Come across this clip by a 12 year old geek
With the answer that I seek to revive it
Makuch, get me some towels


Somebody please buy

Overheat the thing, it comes back on now
Let's watch Netflix and eat clam chowder
Pop in Reach I want to play a game online now
Why is it not loading?


It's the end of my life.